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Sterling Silver Bonded Chain

Sterling Silver Bonded Chain

$ 15.00

Sterling Silver Bonded  Chain, 4mm

This design is reminiscent of designs by one of the most famous jewelry designers in the world today. The necklace, while classic in style, is also cool and contemporary in feel. Each link was originally hand crafted from pure sterling silver. We bring you this piece at a fraction of the cost. Accept the compliments. This piece is soft and silky, comfortable to wear.

All of our products are bonded twice with 100 layers of pure Sterling Silver and then a layer of heavy-duty anti-tarnish. We bond a full 100 mils on all of our registered silver bonded products. Our silver bonding is performed with exactitude in the United States to control its quality.


Lifetime Certificate is your assurance that our registered silver bonded products will last you a lifetime.